My teacher said, “You need to teach. But it’s difficult these days. How to protect the knowledge.”

I feel it is my duty to teach what I have learned, to help people live a better life.

Feng shui is the original knowledge for living on earth. The teachings have passed from master to student for thousands of years.

My goal is to gather a cohort of dedicated students to move through the training process. This is how I was taught. Personality and attitude is key.

We are being led into a world situation that is trying to blindside us humans. We need to be more aware.

  • Learn from the oral tradition, not books

  • Gain a deep understanding of the ancient knowledge

  • Learn how to apply the knowledge, not just theory and formulas

  • Learn how to construct the formulas and charts

  • This is not about tips and tricks

At a certain stage, some students may be referred to my teacher for further training.

If you are interested, please send me an email ( ) and I will contact you when the first courses are available online. Classes will build on each other and must be taken in order.

Eventually I will be offering ba zi, qmdj, liu yao, chanting numbers, and tutoring. I will also be creating a credit course for architects, interior designers, etc.

Feng shui is one part of the quintet of traditional Chinese arts: forms, medicine, self-cultivation, divination, destiny.

When I started out I was looking for rules. Now I know how to break them. I invite you to make a difference and live a better life.