By using a Feng Shui Architect you can save you time, money and energy on any type of project – from interior design, home plans, commercial improvements to ten thousand acre real estate developments. Through our specialized and unique approach we find out what you need, what you want and how to best achieve your goals.

Fengshui planning

Feng Shui Consulting

We work alongside your planners, engineers and architects to create the perfect balance between design and powerful feng shui techniques. We advise on all phases of your development from land selection to positioning individual units and planning of interior floor plans that will help attract potential buyers and increase the value of the development.
fengshui training

Feng Shui Training

TraiThe environment has an overriding effect on the physical and mental wellness of the human being and therefore the social and economic outcome of changes in the physical environment. As the public sector developments are more oriented towards social issues, traditional feng shui can create new, more cohesive communities and revitalize existing neighbourhoods with the goal to create a better social fabric with better opportunities for economic advancement.