How did you choose your home or the location of your business? Did you know that the environment can either support or undermine success and well-being?

I have the expertise to help you live a better life by expertly utilizing the time-honored tradition of feng shui.

A traditionally trained feng shui consultant can resolve many life’s complaints by decoding the messages in your environment.

Issues that feng shui may address:

  • Why am I lagging behind my competition and my peers?

  • Why aren’t I where I should be at this point in my life?

  • Why are my kids misbehaving?

  • Things were great until we moved. What happened?

  • I was doing great until I turned 48, then it all went downhill. Why?

  • Why can’t I save money?

  • Why did I get so sick?

  • Why can’t I find a husband/wife?

Feng Shui consultant santa fe nmFeng shui is about how space and time affects you, both directly and indirectly. The interior forms and flows (space) of the home you live and work in affect you directly – the vibe. The external man-made and natural forms and flows affect you indirectly – through the building’s location, orientation, and shape.

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” – Winston Churchill

The time component is dictated by the changes of energy that happen in daily, monthly, and yearly, (and longer) time cycles.

A feng shui reading can be applied to personal spaces as well as large-scale developments, and everything in-between. The. The external environment accounts for 60% and the internal 35% with the remainder associated with your personal energy. And yes, that can be improved too, if you are willing.

Services include helping you:

  • Select a new property or building site for investment or construction

  • Plan renovations or extensions of an existing home or building

  • Work with your architect to set out parameters for new construction