Helen Doherty

Bachelor of Arts, Urban Geography
Bachelor of Environmental Design Studies
Master of Architecture

Helen Doherty headshot bwI was in my second term of architecture school and in a discussion about how to find context to generate a design. I thought to myself that there must be a set of principles that tell you how to orient a building, where’s the front door, how you create a plan. I found a book on feng shui but it was not what I was seeking and dropped the idea. Years later, after I became a registered architect my hair stylist asked me if I knew anything about feng shui. That made me restart my quest. I found an ad for a feng shui conference that promoted a tai chi teacher I knew. And one of the other presenters was offering courses, so I signed up. I took the first four modules and a ba zi course. At the ba zi course, I was made aware of a teacher who was ‘the real thing’ (i.e., a true master). So I started taking her courses. The first morning she explained something that made me go “aha”. It was one simple concept that I never got from the other teacher. It pulled everything together for me and I have been with her for 20 years now.

At first I loved the formulas and patterns. Then I became fascinated by the variety of mutations of the patterns. Then I learned how the patterns related to the other ancient Chinese metaphysical studies like ba zi, qi men dun jia, liu yao, dietary therapy, and healing. And it all goes back to the basics of her foundation classes. And now it’s my turn to teach. Full circle!

I am a Registered Architect and a member of Alliance Feng Shui, an international group of consultants whose knowledge has been passed orally for centuries.